Since the end of the Korean War, North and South Korea have been separated from their countrymen.

Awaken Hana invites you to hope, pray and believe for a miracle: One Korea.

I want individuals to join together in prayer for this crucial event.

Hana means ONE in Korean.

Awaken Hana digs into the history of the separation of Korea, the revivals that took place, and the culture of North Korea. In addition to blogging, I share books and articles written about North Korea and will provide updates about my new children’s book. If you want to purchase Awaken Hana, please contact me at

The North Korean regime is out of balance when it robs an individual of their inner self worth. Citizens are separated from their family, friends and neighbors (not by land or sea) by a cloud of betrayal that keeps them from knowing each other without fear. This country isolates its citizens in a blanket of lies without question because imprisonment in labor camps or death is a constant promise. They are required to worship leaders who have died, believing that they still lead their country. Freedom is a foreign concept that cannot be embraced because it has been removed.

I believe seventy years of separation is no longer permissible, and when I pray to my Father in Heaven He will not allow me to believe for anything less than for “One” Korea.

This is why I speak the words: